I never liked having my photos taken. To me, it always felt awkward to pose or smile in front of a camera, for no reason whatsoever. For so long, I didn't even know how to smile for the camera.

But lately, I have started to be part of some pictures. Started smiling (grinning, actually) for the camera. But at times I still find questioning myself β€œwhat’s the point?”

People I care about, and with whom I would want to share the moments are either with me, or they receive the few images I do click. So why I click more pics, why say cheese every time we find something new, something interesting.

Yesterday, I found one reason to get your photos taken, while reading a book. This book is called β€œThe Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. There is a chapter where the author had written an episode of him going through his father's belongings few days after he passed away. And he found pictures; a lot of them. As he started skimming through them the author mentions a deep feeling of joy remembering and reliving those memories. I was smiling reading those lines as I could relate to the very emotion. But the next thought that struck me was, am I capturing enough pictures of my life's happy moments. The answer was NO! And that is when I realised, these pics I am part of today, it's not just about the people who are in my life today. It's also for the people who will be part of my life in the future. Few new friends, that one and only life partner, maybe a few kids, and maybe their kids as well. I would love to talk about my past with them. these happy moments I am creating, I would want to share that with them. And when I am gone, these pics will be a reminder of all those happy moments I was part of, with people I care about. And maybe by looking at these pics, they will smile too.