The other day I was thinking about different mindsets of people in a professional world. Some people have this single mindset, some have a mixture. People come in many flavors you know.

Worker Mind

A worker knows how to work. You give them a task, tell them how to do it. And it will be done. They don't care if the task is a grunt work, or something interesting. They understand that every task is important.
But pure workers have some problems, they always need to be assigned work, you can't just leave them to find their own work. Also a worker, knows to just work, once the going gets tough they need someone to help them out. This is where thinker comes.


A thinker thinks. They can find a solution by going outside the box. They are the ones helping their colleagues in problems. They are the ones, finding out solutions of a difficult problem.


A leader leads, by example. You just tell them what needs to be done, and they will get it done. They might lead a team, or just themselves. You don't need to check on them. They will get your task done, by hook or by crook. They are the enabler. They enable the worker, to get a work done in a best manner. They enable a thinker to think outside the box.

Some say, there are hybrids out there. A combination of above. Do you know any?
I know one, me a lazy worker, who thinks, and is trying to lead. What about you?